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Santa's Giveaway!

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‘Tis the season to be jolly and being creative together makes us jolly. This christmas season we want to share as many christmas creations as possible with each other.

In Santa’s Giveaway, we gave away a total of 250 euros shopping credit:

  • 2x jury prize €75
  • 2x community prize €50

Collars and Leashes

See what these collars and leashes look like here!


Made by wuffwerk 

Made by acabagu


Entries to the giveaway

Prizes and choosing winners

For both categories, there is both a jury prize and a public prize to be won (so 4 prizes in total). The jury prize is a shopping credit of 75 euros. The community choice prize is a shopping credit of 50 euros.

Ambassadors Choice

Our ambassadors form the jury in this giveaway. They will decide which entries win the 2 jury prizes and they determine the top 10 for the Community Choice.

Community Choice

After submitting your own creation(s), your job is not over yet! Starting from December 24, you can vote on Facebook and instagram which entry you think stands out the most.

On 24 December, the top 10 entries for each category will be shared on social media. You can then vote in the comments for your favourite entry until December 26.

Winners will be announced on Tuesday December 27.